Kelsie & Christina Learn about: RIXTON

We are easily influenced.
— Christina Russo

Hey best friends, We haven't Youtubed in a while. Apologies. We filmed a boyband themed video (surprise surprise) way back before Zayn made his shocking exit from One Direction, and well, we needed a minute to digest the trauma. Read about said trauma here.

Anyway, we are back with a new concept we are testing out for our channel. A "learning about" video. We adore pop culture, cute boys and music but being the badass, adult business women that we are, it can be challenging to stay afloat with all these new cute boy bands popping up all the time. So we decided to remedy this issue by sitting down and learning about boys or bands we don't know much about. We put  a camera in our faces to catch all of our first impressions. The results are a lot of fun and maybe even, a little informative.

First up, Rixton. Are you familiar with Rixton? If not, learn along with us below.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

xx Kelsie


Fun idea. Let's react to old music videos! First up the iconic, Quit Playing Games with My Heart by the Backstreet Boys. We learned how to drop the actual music video into our video, which offers a whole new viewing experience. Hope you like it and don't mind a little rain ;)

I was too young to know Kevin’s bod.
— Christina Russo



Ever wonder what it is like to go on a date with One direction? Or myself and Christina, for that matter? Well, look no further. Enter Night Changes, the second single off of One Directions Fourth Studio album, Four. After viewing and hating 1D's lead off single video for, Steal my Girl, our expectations weren't very high. Again, the youtube teasers leading up told us this video was sure to be a fangirl's dream, we were still suspecting they would find a way to sneak some tomfoolery into a strong concept for a simple love song. *spoiler* we were right.



Here you have us listening to the new One Direction Album, Four, for the first time. Thanks to some video editing wizardry by Kelsie, this video is not an hour long. Just 6 perfect minutes of us swaying and squinting as Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall show us what they've been working on over the past year. (Yes, the put out albums yearly, and yes, we know that is ridiculous) 

Take a listen to us taking a listen. (also watch us attempt and nail the "Hi, we're Kelsie and Christina" boy band-style intro for the first time)



We love pre-teens. We love teens. We love the whole teen culture. We never really grew out of that stage (if you hadn't noticed). But when we were young (younger, we are both still SO young) there was no twitter, tumblr or pvr. We are both equal parts thankful for this and jealous of today tech savvy teens. 

Even though we adore the young ones, sometimes they throw us a curveball and confuse us. Fanfictions? Imagines? That's all foreign territory to us. Watch us explore and try to understand some "imagines" about our current favourite boy bands. 

Imagines are so f-cking weird. Take a look below.


One Direction - Steal my Girl Reaction Video

Danny Devito is wet.
— Kelsie Romans

Hot off our first reaction video  we knew we just had to film our response to One Direction's latest lead off single from their highly anticipated new album, Four (watch us listen to it for the first time here

We love One Direction truly, madly, deeply but we are not the biggest fans of their music videos and their overall juvenile portrayal in the media. We had our fingers crossed for a more adult visual offering to accompany their maturing sound, but the teasers leading up included: chimpanzees, sumo wrestlers and Danny Devito, this did not leave us very hopeful at the time of this reaction video. 

But we did learn that very morning (via text from our beautiful friend, Raevon) that One Direction would be coming to Edmonton July 2015. So we did some shots to celebrate and settled in to watch (and hate) this newest video. 


Watch our highest viewed video below. Enjoy!



5 Seconds of Summer - Good Girls Reaction Video

Way back in October, our favorite Australian hunks, 5 Seconds of Summer, released a new music video for the track, GOOD GIRLS. Christina and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for us to finally dive into the world of YouTube reaction videos. and we were totally right.

The teasers leading up the video had us super excited for it's debut and it did not disappoint. Watch us react! and fangirl just a little. or a lot.