Kelsie & Christina Learn about: RIXTON

We are easily influenced.
— Christina Russo

Hey best friends, We haven't Youtubed in a while. Apologies. We filmed a boyband themed video (surprise surprise) way back before Zayn made his shocking exit from One Direction, and well, we needed a minute to digest the trauma. Read about said trauma here.

Anyway, we are back with a new concept we are testing out for our channel. A "learning about" video. We adore pop culture, cute boys and music but being the badass, adult business women that we are, it can be challenging to stay afloat with all these new cute boy bands popping up all the time. So we decided to remedy this issue by sitting down and learning about boys or bands we don't know much about. We put  a camera in our faces to catch all of our first impressions. The results are a lot of fun and maybe even, a little informative.

First up, Rixton. Are you familiar with Rixton? If not, learn along with us below.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

xx Kelsie